Not everyone wants to tailgate to the extreme, but if you love to go above and beyond during football season, here are some of my best tips for how to do it BIG!

1. Add lots of layers!
You don’t want to have everything on one level in one color. Add different textures and colors to the table.

2. Think Themes!
We love to decorate and cater according to who we are playing. For a Texas opponent, maybe barbecue and a Western theme. For LSU, maybe Cajun jambalaya and decor.

3. Create an impressive centerpiece!
Make a focal point to build your food around. Think TALL and BOLD. We have done everything from carved watermelons to a seafood tower!

4. Pack and load wisely!
Make sure the first things you have to get out to decorate are the last things loaded in the vehicle. Think about the order in which you need to get things put out.

5. Recruit friends and make assignments!
There is no way the Zebra Tent would happen if there weren’t a lot of people who knew exactly what their job was every week. This is definitely not a one-couple job. Find other folks who love to do it too and make a chart of who is doing what each game!