Let me start by saying it is so easy to let something overwhelm you to the point you let it get out of control.  Having been new on the blogging scene I had no idea how to stay organized and in control of so much new stuff with so little time. Suzanne with Lighthouse Organizer basicly changed my life and showed me I could tackle this unorganized part of my life and win. When we collaborated I really just thought we would clean out my closet.  I had no intention of cleaning out and swapping closets with Big Daddy. She also convinced me to create a neat and organized work space.  I am about to share some very embarrassing photos of our closets before.  I am opening up about this because I want to inspire any of you who are struggling with these issues  to address them. Big Daddy was not happy about the process until we finished and now he is organizing everthing. I am telling you guys it is life changing. Suzanne had so many great ideas that I would have never thought of. Step one was the clean out. I am not going to lie. This was a long process and with my crazy schedule it was tough.  Suzanne  would bring a trailer and several others to help load the trailer for several nights after work. She took quite a few trailer full hauls off. Some things she took to the resale stores, some to Goodwill, and several to the garbage dump.   She gave me homework when she left every night to keep me going. We looked at her ideas and made descisions that worked best for me.  I found things I thought were gone and lost forever and even found money.  Suzanne had a painter, carpenter, and electrician come in to do the work needed for the closet. She even met them at the house so I didn’t have to miss work. I can’t tell you how nice it is to be in an organized space.  I feel free. I am going to link all the items we used for my closet and I want to share Suzanne’s information with you.  I recommend her not only and an organizer but as a friend.


Light House Organizer – Suzanne Lindsey

601- 454-7361   Website lighthouseorganizer.com


Linked below are items that helped me do this closet on a major budget. you may click on them to purchase them. when you use my links it really helps me out. Thank you and let me k now if you have any questions.