Entertaining is my jam and I really love to get gifts that help me do it. I am a candle snob and I have found a line that is soo good.  I couldn’t decide on just one scent so I am just going to link the Southern Elegance website.  These candles are rich and decadent.  They are priced so well ($20-40). They would also make a great teacher’s gift.

During Quarentine I really got in to fancy cocktails and ran across this book Sous Vide Cocktails.  The pictures make it a good coffee table read too. This is a great unisex gift. The price is under $20 but still a classy girft.

I love to give experiences too.  This Electric Theater Popcorn Kit is perfect for a Neflix night with the Family.  We all miss going to the movies and this is the next best thing.  This kit is under $25 which is a steal when you take into consideration what Popcorn for the Family will cost at the Theater.

Candy covered apples are such a unique treat.  I would even serve these and pretend I made them myself.  I love to give gifts like this.  These make being at home special again.  By the way if you like to impress your Grandkids… This is the way to their hearts. They are $45.

Duing the Holidays we tend to open more wine and champagne.  These wine and champagne sealers will keep these spirits good until you are ready for more.  I know so many men and women who would love these. They are under $40.