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February Amazon Haul 2020

To make things easy I have linked my Amazon Finds for February.  All you have to do is click the links below to shop them. If you have any questions about the items feel free to email me.  I am wearing larges in all the sweaters and tops. The jeans are also a large. I am a normal size 10 in both.

Valentines Day Outfits and Decor

Valentines Day is one of my favorite celebrations. For the past 18 years we have gone to dinner with the same couple.  I introduced them and they got married.  So we celebrate together.  I have to admit I look foward to it all year.  I also love to celebrate with my grand kids too.  I always decorate the house just for the kids. I am sharing a few pics for inspiration. I am also linking tons of options for a night out our maybe a night in.  When you shop through my links I get a small commision so I really appreciated it.  You simply click on the picture and it will take you to the webisite to purchase the item. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Resort Wear Must haves and our Trip to the Grand Caymans

Finding resort wear this time of year can be a struggle. Yet there are so many fun places to go this time of year.  I am sharing those some great pieces at the end of this post but first I wanted to share this incredible trip with you. This was not a collaboration but it was just to much fun not to share it with you.  We were invited by a friend to go to the Grand Caymans and experience the Cayman Cookout. We shared one of the Ritz Carlton Exclusive Villas with two other couples and had the best time. These villas are amazing you can view them here. The Ritz Carlton property is perfect in every way. You can check it out here. The Caymand Cookout events are definaly a bucket list experience. We attended the Barefoot BBQ and the  Beach Bash. You can check out all of the events here.  These events have lots of celebertiy chefs who all cook special dishes to sample. Lots of wine and liquor companys provide the spirits for the event.  The eating and drinking is off the charts.  I do have to mention one of our friends that went with us is a chef too. Tim Cheehan owns Cuvee 30A in Destin Florida. You can check out the menu here.  I also have to say the best food we ate he cooked at the villa. (Just ask Big Daddy)  I learned so many things just watching him cook.  You can purchase his cookbooks here.  My copies are on the way. I am also sharing some photos of the trip below.

What I wore on the trip

I had the help of stylist Rachel Williams to help me put together a few looks for the trip.  It was a time saver. I strongly suggest you check her out here.  I will also link all of my items and some other ideas for those of you planning a trip.

Linked below are items I purchasee or things I love.  To purchase, simply click on the picture of the item you wish to buy. When you use my links, I get a small commission, so I really appreciate you doing so. Please let me know if you have any questions about sizing; I will be happy to help you! 

Celebrating Elvis’s 85th Birthday at The Guest House at Graceland

My facination with Elvis Presley began when I was in middle school.  My family and I were actually in Memphis and passing by Graceland when the ambulance was leaving the day Elvis died. I read several books and became such a fan in my young age.  Other girls had Shaun Cassidy on their wall.  I had Elvis.  

So, going to stay at the Guesthouse was a dream collaboration for me. Let me start by saying the hotel is beautiful and every experience is over the top.  There is nothing cheesy about it. The accommodations were so good and the service was even better.  There are tons of activities. The movies in the courtyard sounded like something I will definitely go back for this spring.  The lobby lounge has live music and it gets really festive at night. The lobby is also ideal for meeting other guests. So many guests had their own Elvis stories. There are two restaurants—EP’s Bar and Grill is little more casual than Delta’s Kitchen—but both menus reflect the Southern foods that would have been cooked at Graceland.  There is also a Peanut Butter and Jelly bar for late night munchies.  The breakfast buffet is full of all your favorites including a made-to-order omelet and waffle station. There is a beautiful pool to enjoy during the summer. The hotel also offers a shuttles to Graceland and Beale Street.  There are also so many fun games to play in the courtyard.

The first night, Lori and I decided to have a casual dinner and then check out the bar. There was live music with song from the 60’s and 70’s.  We met so many interesting people. It was so much fun we stayed till we closed it down. By the way, check out Lori’s blog post on our stay HERE.

The second day we headed over to Graceland.  We figured we would be there around an hour.  We ended up spending hours over there.  It was incredible!! Lori was not much of an Elvis fan before but she definitely was catching the fever. The Graceland experience is amazing. While we were there we met a lady named Alene who actually worked for Elvis. I will treasure that conversation forever.

Just when we thought this experience couldn’t get any better….. We hopped on the shuttle to go to an event held across the street. My words can not do this event justice but I will try.  Pricilla Presley shared some of her most precious memories with us and set the stage for the concert.  Elvis sang on the screen while the TCB band actually played and the Imperials sang back up.  These original members shared personal stories and experiences with the audience and were available for a meet and greet after.  I don’t know how they pulled it off but the whole thing was so real.  I had chills, thrills, and a few tears.  After it was over and we were back at the room, Lori and I watched hours of footage of Elvis.  I expected to enjoy this experience but I didn’t expect to love it.  It exceeded my expectations by a long shot. Book a room and do all things!

Book a Room here

Buy Tickets to visit Graceland here

Outfits I wore on the Trip

There were lots of events to dress for. Here are the outfits I wore. I have linked most of items below. You can shop by clicking on the individual items. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Organizing my Life with a New Work Space and Closet

Let me start by saying it is so easy to let something overwhelm you to the point you let it get out of control.  Having been new on the blogging scene I had no idea how to stay organized and in control of so much new stuff with so little time. Suzanne with Lighthouse Organizer basicly changed my life and showed me I could tackle this unorganized part of my life and win. When we collaborated I really just thought we would clean out my closet.  I had no intention of cleaning out and swapping closets with Big Daddy. She also convinced me to create a neat and organized work space.  I am about to share some very embarrassing photos of our closets before.  I am opening up about this because I want to inspire any of you who are struggling with these issues  to address them. Big Daddy was not happy about the process until we finished and now he is organizing everthing. I am telling you guys it is life changing. Suzanne had so many great ideas that I would have never thought of. Step one was the clean out. I am not going to lie. This was a long process and with my crazy schedule it was tough.  Suzanne  would bring a trailer and several others to help load the trailer for several nights after work. She took quite a few trailer full hauls off. Some things she took to the resale stores, some to Goodwill, and several to the garbage dump.   She gave me homework when she left every night to keep me going. We looked at her ideas and made descisions that worked best for me.  I found things I thought were gone and lost forever and even found money.  Suzanne had a painter, carpenter, and electrician come in to do the work needed for the closet. She even met them at the house so I didn’t have to miss work. I can’t tell you how nice it is to be in an organized space.  I feel free. I am going to link all the items we used for my closet and I want to share Suzanne’s information with you.  I recommend her not only and an organizer but as a friend.


Light House Organizer – Suzanne Lindsey

601- 454-7361   Website


Linked below are items that helped me do this closet on a major budget. you may click on them to purchase them. when you use my links it really helps me out. Thank you and let me k now if you have any questions.

My Favorite Holiday Recipes

I love to cook for special occasions.  It is definately my love language.  I shared these recipes on my Instagram stories and I had a ton of request for a Blog Post.  So I am sharing them here. I am sorry I don’t have pictures but I didn’t realize the recipes would end up on the Blog. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Wiggles Casserole (this is my Grandmother’s recipe and it has been passed down for generations)


½ lb bacon 2lbs ground beef 1lg can of mushrooms (stems and pieces)1 can of tomatoes 

1 lg can of English peas 1 small chopped onion 1 chopped green pepper 4 chopped stalks of celery

1 t spoon chilli powder ½ lb of grated cheddar cheese 1 pkg of cooked egg noodles 1 melted stick of butter mixed with 2 cups of bread crumbs 1 cup of Flour

Step one – Dice bacon and brown and ground beef, onion, pepper, and celery and brown. Then add chili powder and mushrooms.

Step two – Put this mixture in a large baking dish and sprinkle with flour

Step Three – Make second layer with peas and sprinkle with grated cheese and flour

Step Four – Make third layer with tomatoes and sprinkle with grated cheese and flour

Step Five – Make Fourth layer with noodles sprinkle with flour and rest of the cheese

Step Six – Top with buttered bread crumbs

Step Seven – Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour

Jiffy Corn Casserole

1 can cream corn 1 can whole kernal corn 1 melted stick of butter 1 cup sourcream 1 boz of Jiffet cornbread miz

Step one – Mix together in a baking dish

Step two – Bake on 350 degrees for 1 hr

Green Bean Bundles

4 drained cans of whole green beans 1 package of bacon 1 large bottle of Catalena dressing

Step 0ne – make small bundles of beans and wrap in bacon

Step two – poar dressing over bundles

Step three- bake 350 degrees 1 hour

Crockpot dressing

Corn Bread made and crumbled, 8 pieces of  stale (left out 48hrs) white bread crumbled 2 cans cream of chicken soup 1 can chicken broth 1 tablespoon sage 4 stalks of celery 1 small chopped onion stick of butter

Step 1 – saute onion and celery (this is optional)

Step 2 – mix all together exceopt butter and put in crockpot for 5 hours on high

Step 3 – top with butter the last hour

Ambrosia Fruit Salad

2 cans very cherry mixed fruit 1 can pineapple chunks 2 cans mandrin oranges 1 jar of cherries (cute them in half and drain) 1/2 half bag of coconut 1/2 bag of miniture marshmellows one cup of sour cream and 1/2 cup of sugar

Step one – mix all together except coconut and marshmellows

Step two- put in the coconut and marshmellow before serving

Stuffed Jalopeno Peppers

15 fresh jalopeno peppers 1 block of cream cheese 1 small bag of bacon bits 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese

Step one – Cut peppers in half and hollow out

Step two – Melt cream cheese add bacon bits and cheddar mix together

Step Three – Stuff peppers with mixture

Step Four – Bake 30 minutes at 450 degrees

Mississippi Sin Dip

1 loaf of French bread 1 block of cream cheese 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese 1 can of chopped green chilies 1 package of ham (lunch meat)1 cup of Sour Cream chopped 3 shakes of Worcestershire souce and if desired a few shakes of hot sauce.

Step One –  Hollow out French Bread

Step Two – Mix rest of the ingredients together

Step Three – Stuff French Bread with mixture

Step Four – Bake 350 degrees for 1 hour




The Store House at Repeat Street

The Store House at Repeat Street is such a fun place to find meaningful unique gifts. It is a combination of new, vintage, and handmade goodies that make the most interesting gifts.  I am such a fan of vintage.  I could stay for hours looking at all the beautiful crystal and china. I love to give food items for hostess gifts. The Store House has a local baker who provides them with the most delicious home baked goodies.  It is also a great place to find items to go in a food basket such as pecans, dip mixes, jellies, and cheese straws.  I loved the handmade jewelry items, pottery, and artwork.    I  found so many cute things for my Grandkids. They even had several David Yurman and Tiffinay pre-owned pieces. There will be an Open House this Sunday December 22nd from 1:00 – 5:00.

The Store House at Repeat Street(located in the same parking behind Repeat Street)

242 HWY 51 Ridgeland MS

601-605-9123 Store hours 10-6 Mon-Fri 9-5 Sat Sunday Dec 22nd only 1:00-5:00

Amazon Gift Guide

I spent hours looking for some unique gifts for you, your family, and friends. This will help those of you who are getting a late stsrt.  There is something here for everyone.  When you shop through my links I get a small commision which helps me keep doing all of this. I absolutly love helping you with your shopping. I love to shop Amazon for the convienence but hope you will all get out and support your local shops too.  Let me know if you have any questions.

New Years Eve Outfit Ideas

 I love to dress up but I have to admit I often struggle finding something that is on trend and flattering.  Just because I am over 50 doesn’t mean I want to blend.  All of these picks fit the bill. When you shop through my links I get a small commision which helps me keep doing all of this.  When you click on the item be sure and check the website for discount codes before you checkout. Often times especially this time of year the big retailers will have sales.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Gifts for Her over $100 and Lux

When you spend over $100 you really want to make it count. I wanted to share with you my picks that I feel are worth the money.  I love all of these items and would be happy to get any of them.  I have searched all the best retailers to put this gift guide together.  When you shop through my links I get a small commission and I really appreciate it. Even if you don’t buy that item I get credit for what ever you purchase.  When you click on the link be sure to look at the home page of that particular retailer because they often have discount codes and offers.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

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