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Fly Boutique

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Deep South Pout

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White Willow

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I am reserving some spots here on this page to promote locally-owned boutiques where I actually do shop. If you are a store owner and would like to work with me or see your store listed, please contact me here.

West of Fifty Five

Mississippi has so many great boutiques.  I get really excited to see a new store front.  West of Fifty Five has a great selection of Chic pieces to build your entire wardrobe.  The prices are really good.  The merchandise has an expensive look but most things are very affordable.  Jordan and her staff love to help style the customers in the latest trends.  They also have a website in order to help those who are too busy to come in or don’t live close by.   I also love following them on Facebook and Instagram.  They are totally on top of the social media scene.  There are new arrivals everyday.  They have a large selection of accesories and gifts.  Here are a few of my favortite pieces and most of them are linked below.

Trench Coat- $42 Please call store to order
White Shirt-$50 Please call store to order
West of Fifty Five.   601-540-7704

The Nordstrom Sale 2020

This Sale is a favorite to many.  There are so many things to go through so I have tried to make it easier.  I pulled out things I think will be classic pieces you will keep for years. I also love the beauty tools.  Many of these things would make great Christmas presents. People who spend $$$$ with Nordstrom can shop now those with who have a Nodstrom Credit card can shop starting August 13th and it opens to the public August 19th. I really appreciate it when you shop my links.  I get a very small commision and it helps me do the leg work for you.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

10 Reasons why The Gulf Hills Hotel in Ocean Springs is a great safe getaway during COVID-19 or anytime!!!

If you have been following me for very long you know I love the Mississippi Gulf Coast and am a go to for all the hidden treasures it has to offer.  The world of travel has changed during this scary time of COVID-19.  I needed a safe get away and I sure found a good one.  The Gulf Hills Hotel is tucked away near the bay in Ocean Springs.  The most beatiful views are all around this vintage hotel.  It is kinda like going back to the resort vactions you see in the dirty dancing movie.  Here are my reasons I loved it so much.

Be sure to see the gallery below the list!

1. The Scenery

Grab a bottle of wine and a rocking chair because you will want to sit on the porch and soak it all in.

2. Walk straight from the car to the room

You won’t find any crowded elevators here or a long haul down a crowded hallway. This is perfect if you have someone older or handicapped.  I also love it for work because I have easy access to my car.  This is also so safe from COVID.

3. Huge pool

This pool gives a ton of room to social distance or splash around with the family. It is really well maintained and has a beautiful view of the bay. There is also a Tennis Court and Golf Course.

4. Several beautiful covered spaces with outdoor seating and dining areas.

To avoid the crowd downtown we did take out and brought it back to the hotel and dined outside.

5. Perfect for an extended stay

Several of the rooms actually havc a small kitchen.

6. The history is so interesting

Elvis actually kept a suite here. Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield, Judy Garland and many more have actually stayed here.  The staff have so many entertaining stories.

7. It is a total Southern experience

This hotel is vintage and nostalgic.  The staff is so hospitable.  You feel like you are stepping back in time. 

8. It is such a quiet getaway

The party crowd is NOT here.  Most of the guests love it so much they come several times a year.

9. It is close to Downtown and the Beach

Downtown Ocean Springs and the Beach is only 5 minutes away.  The casinos are only 7 minutes away.  

10. Accomedations

Although this is an older hotel, they still have the modern comforts of free Wifi and a really good free continental breakfast.

Gulf Hills Hotel 866-875-4211

13701 Paso Road Ocean Springs MS

July 2020 Amazon Haul

To make things easy I have linked my Amazon Finds for July.  All you have to do is click the links below to shop them. If you have any questions about the items feel free to email me.  I am wearing larges or XL.  I am a normal size 10 or 12. Amazon sizes are usually small.

April Amazon Haul

To make things easy I have linked my Amazon Finds for April.  All you have to do is click the links below to shop them. If you have any questions about the items feel free to email me.  I am wearing larges in all the in everything. The only top you might want to size up in is the Rolling Stones T.. The jean shortsare also a large. .

Valentines Day Outfits and Decor

Valentines Day is one of my favorite celebrations. For the past 18 years we have gone to dinner with the same couple.  I introduced them and they got married.  So we celebrate together.  I have to admit I look foward to it all year.  I also love to celebrate with my grand kids too.  I always decorate the house just for the kids. I am sharing a few pics for inspiration. I am also linking tons of options for a night out our maybe a night in.  When you shop through my links I get a small commision so I really appreciated it.  You simply click on the picture and it will take you to the webisite to purchase the item. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Celebrating Elvis’s 85th Birthday at The Guest House at Graceland

My facination with Elvis Presley began when I was in middle school.  My family and I were actually in Memphis and passing by Graceland when the ambulance was leaving the day Elvis died. I read several books and became such a fan in my young age.  Other girls had Shaun Cassidy on their wall.  I had Elvis.  

So, going to stay at the Guesthouse was a dream collaboration for me. Let me start by saying the hotel is beautiful and every experience is over the top.  There is nothing cheesy about it. The accommodations were so good and the service was even better.  There are tons of activities. The movies in the courtyard sounded like something I will definitely go back for this spring.  The lobby lounge has live music and it gets really festive at night. The lobby is also ideal for meeting other guests. So many guests had their own Elvis stories. There are two restaurants—EP’s Bar and Grill is little more casual than Delta’s Kitchen—but both menus reflect the Southern foods that would have been cooked at Graceland.  There is also a Peanut Butter and Jelly bar for late night munchies.  The breakfast buffet is full of all your favorites including a made-to-order omelet and waffle station. There is a beautiful pool to enjoy during the summer. The hotel also offers a shuttles to Graceland and Beale Street.  There are also so many fun games to play in the courtyard.

The first night, Lori and I decided to have a casual dinner and then check out the bar. There was live music with song from the 60’s and 70’s.  We met so many interesting people. It was so much fun we stayed till we closed it down. By the way, check out Lori’s blog post on our stay HERE.

The second day we headed over to Graceland.  We figured we would be there around an hour.  We ended up spending hours over there.  It was incredible!! Lori was not much of an Elvis fan before but she definitely was catching the fever. The Graceland experience is amazing. While we were there we met a lady named Alene who actually worked for Elvis. I will treasure that conversation forever.

Just when we thought this experience couldn’t get any better….. We hopped on the shuttle to go to an event held across the street. My words can not do this event justice but I will try.  Pricilla Presley shared some of her most precious memories with us and set the stage for the concert.  Elvis sang on the screen while the TCB band actually played and the Imperials sang back up.  These original members shared personal stories and experiences with the audience and were available for a meet and greet after.  I don’t know how they pulled it off but the whole thing was so real.  I had chills, thrills, and a few tears.  After it was over and we were back at the room, Lori and I watched hours of footage of Elvis.  I expected to enjoy this experience but I didn’t expect to love it.  It exceeded my expectations by a long shot. Book a room and do all things!

Book a Room here

Buy Tickets to visit Graceland here

Outfits I wore on the Trip

There were lots of events to dress for. Here are the outfits I wore. I have linked most of items below. You can shop by clicking on the individual items. Please let me know if you have any questions.

New Years Eve Outfit Ideas

 I love to dress up but I have to admit I often struggle finding something that is on trend and flattering.  Just because I am over 50 doesn’t mean I want to blend.  All of these picks fit the bill. When you shop through my links I get a small commision which helps me keep doing all of this.  When you click on the item be sure and check the website for discount codes before you checkout. Often times especially this time of year the big retailers will have sales.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Material Girls Fabulous Finds

There are so many fun things at Material Girls right now. The Faux Fur Jacket is the hottest statement piece of the season. I love all the chunky sweaters and the colors are so fun. The Buddie Love Skinny Jeans fit everyone so well and I love the frayed ankles. The Iniial Necklace is the BEST under $25 gift on the Season.  The Leopard Hat is such a good Dirty Santa gift under $20. If you are looking to update your shoe wardrobe the Slouch Bootie and the Leopard Sneaker are must haves.  The Boater is the IT hat of the season.  Every year I look for a cute Christmas Sweatshirt and this one takes the cake.  And last but not least is the Ah Formed Tote is on my list for Christmas. Today Thursday November 15th Material Girls turns 15 from 5-7.  Come celebrate with  20%off.  On Thursday November 21st Highland  Park by Material Girls will have there once a year VIP Event.  Tickets are free to those who have spent $500 or the tickets are on sale on  There will be some fabulous swag bags full of goodies  and some crazy good doorbusters. By the way most of the store will be 1/2 price.  It is not to be missed. I have linked all of the linkable items. The other items can be purchased in-store by phone or you can contact them on Instagram or Facebook.  Be sure to use my code shine15 for 15% off.

Material Girls

Flowood, Hattiesburg, and Ridgeland

601-992-4533 601-336-6123 601-605-1605

Faux Fur Jacket $108.95

Striped Sweater $64.95 Jeans $84.95 (contact store for Jeans)

Blue Ombre Sweater $54.95 (contact store for Sweater)

Confetti Sweater $56.95

Boater Hat $62.95 Leopard Sneakers $39.95 Slouch Booties $$64.95  Leopard Beanie $19.95 (Contact the store for Sneakers Booties and Beanie)

Christmas Sweatshirt $59.95 Intial Necklace $22.95 (Contact store for Sweatshirt and necklace ) Ah Formed Tote $98