Tailgating Time!

One of my favorite things to do is to tailgate in The Grove at Ole Miss. My husband and I founded “The Zebra Tent,” and along with several of our amazingly talented friends, we welcome hundreds of people to an over-the-top gameday experience. See for yourself!

How to Create a Fabulous Tailgate Tablescape

Tablescaping is a three step process.

Step 1 is to layer the table with cloths and fabric.

Step 2 is to add height and texture with different fabrics and tiered serving pieces. I  love to add nature and other things such as ribbons, and other items that go with the theme. You can also add height with boxes and other items.

Finally Step 3 add the food and the fluff.  I always like to spread the food around so everything is not together. By the way it Takes us 1 1/2 hours just to put out the food. That is a whole new blog post. Start simple and you will get there. Basically we just add layers and heights until we have the finished result.  We have collected so much stuff over the 18 years at the Zebra Tent. We are super organized but always take more to the Grove then what we use.

For more information on the Zebra Tent, click HERE.

My Top 5 Tailgating Tips

Not everyone wants to tailgate to the extreme, but if you love to go above and beyond during football season, here are some of my best tips for how to do it BIG!

1. Add lots of layers!
You don’t want to have everything on one level in one color. Add different textures and colors to the table.

2. Think Themes!
We love to decorate and cater according to who we are playing. For a Texas opponent, maybe barbecue and a Western theme. For LSU, maybe Cajun jambalaya and decor.

3. Create an impressive centerpiece!
Make a focal point to build your food around. Think TALL and BOLD. We have done everything from carved watermelons to a seafood tower!

4. Pack and load wisely!
Make sure the first things you have to get out to decorate are the last things loaded in the vehicle. Think about the order in which you need to get things put out.

5. Recruit friends and make assignments!
There is no way the Zebra Tent would happen if there weren’t a lot of people who knew exactly what their job was every week. This is definitely not a one-couple job. Find other folks who love to do it too and make a chart of who is doing what each game!

Care to Collaborate with the Zebra Tent?

We sometimes showcase catering services at the tent. To be featured at an upcoming game, please email me HERE to check availability.

Zebra Tent in the News!

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Media Inquiries

We love to have the press at the Zebra Tent, but we like to be prepared! Please email me HERE to let me know you’d like to come so that we can advise you on how to get there!

Don’t forget, you can shop any of my gameday looks just by clicking on the photos below!